Using Replacement Window Reviews To Choose Your Dealer

Using Replacement Window Reviews To Choose Your Dealer

Using replacement window reviews as a determining factor in dealer choice is a smart idea.  Our Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head customers have relied on these when making that important choice.  Here’s a few pointers to help you with the effectiveness of your research…


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Where To Find Replacement Window Reviews


The easiest way to find reviews of a certain replacement window that you are considering is to “google” “replacement window reviews [company name].”  Your results will list tons of review sites.  The key is understanding the most important ones.  While this often changes based on where you are, the ones on the first page are usually the best in terms of getting a representative sample.


The one’s you typically want to look at in particular are Houzz (a relatively new social network that is home improvement specific), the BBB, Yelp and Angie’s list.  Google reviews are also important, but are harder to come by, as the reviewer must have a Google account before posting a review.


Understanding Replacement Window Reviews


A couple of rules of thumb here…just because you find some replacement window reviews on the internet, it doesn’t mean that they are true…and that goes both ways.


One good way is to look for patterns.  Remember the Olympics, they throw out the high score and the low score and go from there.  If you see one that’s totally out of whack, you can probably chalk it up to someone having a excessively good, or bad, day.


The other thing to look for is specificity.  Although most review sites have algorithms in place that filter out good reviews written by business owners, general reviews, good or bad can be fake.


Don’t Forget Replacement Window Reviews of the Manufacturer


The vast majority of home improvement companies purchase products from other manufacturers rather than build them themselves, and home windows are no different.  If you are considering working with a home improvement company, look at their website and check out their product suppliers.  Search “replacement window reviews (product manufacturer)” and see what consumers are saying about the product line.  You can actually learn a lot about the contractor/dealer that you are thinking about working with by seeing how well thought of the products that they choose for their customers are.


We believe in selling, furnishing and installing the best new home windows for out Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head area customers.  See our replacement window reviews on BBB,Angies List, and Houzz