Vanguard By Sunrise Windows Replacement Windows

When it’s time to get new replacement windows in Hilton Head, Savannah, or other parts of the Low Country, we hope you think of us. You know Holliday Home as the Low Country’s premier source of top quality, maintenance free, home improvement products As the area’s exclusive supplier of the Vanguard by Sunrise Windows™ vinyl replacement window, we’ve continued our commitment to offer Low Country homeowners only the same home improvement products that we’d put on our own homes. In addition, the Vanguard™ window is truly a green window, offering standard features that our competitors treat as high cost options. Regardless of where you stand on the climate change issue, there can be no doubt that our dependence on foreign sources of energy not only drives the cost of our energy up now, but also threatens our long term economic health and security into the future. That’s where the Vanguard by Sunrise Windows™ window and door system comes in.


The unfortunate thing about most vinyl replacement windows is that you typically have to sacrifice the beauty of wood for the superior energy efficiency of vinyl. Vanguard™ by Sunrise Windows® offers sleek, aesthetically pleasing lines, while providing a level of energy efficiency unheard of in your standard Hilton Head or Savannah replacement window. While other vinyl windows cause you to lose a significant amount of glass area due to bulky, inexpensively produced frames, when compared to their energy inefficient wood and metal counterparts, Vanguard™ home replacement windows allow you to have your cake and eat it too. You can expect to achieve up to 27% more glass viewing area as compared to many of our competitor’s Low Country window options. Designed to look more like a wood window, the Vanguard™ vinyl window is designed with recessed, pick resistant locks, rounded frame edges and full front and back balance covers to give you an elegant, fashionable appearance that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors.


One of the reasons we were so excited to partner with Sunrise Windows® as the exclusive replacement window dealer of the Vanguard™ product in the Low Country area, is that the folks at Sunrise believe someone looking to buy the best replacement window in Hilton Head or Savannah shouldn’t have to put up with some of the “bait and switch” tactics employed by some of our competitors that offer cheap replacement windows. In so many cases, “options” that really affect the overall energy efficiency of a replacement window are left off of the discount vinyl replacement windows in the Low Country market, so as to advertise the lowest possible price.


The Vanguard™ home replacement window includes four standard “options” that our competition, if they offer them at all, offer as add-ons. But, we think you’ll agree, if you are going to invest in replacement windows, you are also concerned about return on investment and these four features help Vanguard™ energy efficient windows pay for themselves through lower energy bills and increased home value. Take a look at what Vanguard™ treats as standard that you would have to pay more for on a discount replacement window on Hilton Head Island, in Savannah or other parts of the Low Country….


UltraCore™ Polyurethane Insulation–Our windows are insulated better than your wall

Open Cell Polyfoam Wrap–Insures a completely airtight installation

Optiview™ Sheer Insect Screen–You’ll hardly notice that they are there

VG-12™ Insulated Glass System–Climate specific glass for the Low Country


On top all of these things is the fact that the Vanguard™ window system is manufactured to within amongst the strictest tolerances in the vinyl replacement window industry, giving you not only the ultimate in direct energy efficiency, but maybe the most airtight Low Country window that you’ll find. Plus, you can imagine a new home replacement window with all of this has to have a great warranty to go along with it, and you would be correct. Maybe, that’s the ultimate reason we here at Holliday Home Improvments chose the Vanguard™ replacement window system by Sunrise Windows® for our customers. With the warranty that you’ll get with this product, it will be obvious that you’ll get the best looking and most energy efficient window in Hilton Head, Savannah or anywhere else in the Low Country. We truly believe that this will be the last window you’ll ever own.


Whether it’s the popular double hung window, the panoramic views of a picture window, the classic, elegant lines of a casement window, or a new sliding glass door, you can rest easy that the Vanguard™ line of replacement windows has any style you need. And with options like 23 different color combinations, decorative glass and grids, and even blinds between the panes of glass, you can be assured that you can add just the right amount of sophistication and panache to your replacement window project.


If it’s time for you to look at replacing the windows in your Low Country home, the Vanguard™ vinyl replacement window system is the absolute right choice. But don’t take our word for it, call us TODAY, or fill out any of the forms here on the site, and have one of our design engineers come out and show you the Vanguard™ by Sunrise Windows® replacement window system and decide for yourself. Not only will you love your new Low Country replacement windows, but you’ll also be doing your part to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.