Charleston’s Best Replacement Windows

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Charleston’s Best Replacement Windows

Charleston's Best Replacement Windows

You don’t have to accept bulky windows.


  • Bulk has nothing to do with strength.
  • Bulky, boxy windows have more to do with attempting to gain SOME insulating ability in the frame.
  • In the Charleston area, look for vinyl replacement windows that maximize your glass area.



According to most sources, hollow framed vinyl windows are less insulated than a wood frame window.


  • You’d be better off, from a frame efficiency standpoint, keeping the wood windows that you have, rather than spending any amount of money on hollow framed vinyl.
  • Polyurethane insulation, which we use for our Charleston area replacement window customers in our Sunrise Windows product, is the same insulation you’d find in a freezer.
  • Our window frames are insulated at least as well, and probably better, than the walls that they go in.


The biggest “dirty little secret” when it comes to replacement windows is that any new window fixes my “drafty window” issue.


  • Gaps as small as 1/16″ in the window assembly of new windows is the equivalent of removing best vinyl replacement windows in Charlestona brick from the side of your home.
  • In the average home, $1000’s of dollars can be lost per year through drafts and wear and tear on existing HVAC equipment.
  • The best Charleston area replacement windows will report their tested Air Leakage rate on the sticker attached to the window when it’s delivered to your home. If that number isn’t there, you may want to reconsider.


Like a three-legged stool, the best vinyl replacement window glass in the Charleston area is a three-part system where all parts are interdependent.


  • Complete gas fill to control convection heat gain and loss
  • A structurally sound spacer system made of material with low conductivity rates, to insure long lasting seal security.
  • A climate specific low e glass designed to keep the sun’s heat out in the Charleston summer, and the heat in during the winter.


When it comes to warranties, words (and length) really do mean things.


  • Watch out for the word “limited” next to “lifetime.” Typically you won’t find out what the limit is until you need the warranty.
  • Shorter is better…the longer the warranty physically, the more fine print.
  • Beware of Charleston replacement window warranties that are pro-rated…First X years you get $$$$, the next X years you $$$, and so on…


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