Replacing Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

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Replacing Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

Can you tell if it’s a Wood Window or a Vinyl Window in the picture below?

On Hilton Head Island we replaced “original to the home” wood windows with vinyl windows. Really! Can you tell the difference? Our installation crew installed vinyl windows to a  part and 1 part is wood. We used brick mold and wrapped with PVC trim coil using a buddy break to maintain the existing look.


Replace Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows – Exterior Stucco Home

Vinyl windows comes without the hassle of continual painting, wood rot repairs and any other routine maintenance that comes with upkeep of your home and windows. In the picture above the small window above the double hung window is the original wood window.  Both windows have the same window frame thickness, style, color and the window pane pattern is exactly the same. Back in the days everyone wanted their windows to be made out of wood. Now 10 to 15 plus years later these wood windows have damages and wood rot. Especially in the coastal areas the salt air takes a toll on wood and metal framed windows.

Vinyl vs Wood Windows

Close-Up on Vinyl vs Wood Windows

Many vinyl replacement window manufacturers limit your aesthetic options when it comes to color; often only offering some version of white and a tan or almond color. However, most homeowners would prefer the option to match, or create anew, the decor of their home.

The manufacturers we are direct dealers with offer over 130 standard color and finish combinations, including six interior woodgrains. Additionally, you can have any exterior color you like through our custom-matched exterior paint option.